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Before a person decides upon the field he/she wants to enter and pursue a career in, the positive’s and negative’s of the chosen profession need to be considered. In a survey carried out by the NEA- National Education Association, amongst the people who took the survey, 79 percent responded that they would like to take up teaching as a profession however 21 percent said that they would not enter that particular field (National Education Association website). If 79 percent of the people opted for wanting to enter the profession, there is bound to be some advantages and benefits related to the field. One of the primary reasons due to which people want to become teachers is due to the schedule being a flexible one. This will be talked about in greater detail below.

Flexibility of the schedule: teaching as a career is one which allows much flexibility with not many numbers of hours being put into work. Due to having extra time, one is able to spend those hours at home with the family. Teachers are required to have commitment to their job and are required to spend time on it however the profession does allow a teacher to be able to spend time with his/her kids at home (Parkay and Hardcastle). Having families becomes an easier task as time can be spent at home; something which many other jobs do not allow.

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