Sample Essay – Slave Trade Emergence

Slave trade emergence shaped the world’s economy in a significant way in that, many countries found the business very attractive (Bentley et al, 2009). In fact, Africa became a ‘one stop shop’ for slaves to many nations. The labor was the most essential component of the world’s economy at the day. This is because; it was a time when the world was experiencing the agrarian evolution. Improved productivity would then require more workers, hence, the essence of the slaves.

On the other hand, the slaves who were predominantly blacks increased exponentially in terms of population yet their roles remained that of manual labor that drove the economy. At the end, the American labor force and market especially during the 18th century became a sector characterized by racial discrimination and segregation. Slavery in America became the source for labor organizations and activism, which continue to govern the labor economics and laws in the modern day era. Indeed, labor economics is one of the sub disciplines of economics that aims at studying the labor dynamics.

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