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One requires security in every aspect of life as the morals of the people at present have completely diminished. There is no guarantee for a prosperous life. In order to save lives, it is important to install security everywhere. This paper reports the situation of security at my home. We shall discuss the ways in which a home could be saved from break-ins and burglaries. The security gadgets that could be used in the home for the purpose of security measures are also discussed in detail.

Security is defined as a combination of mechanism which allows authorized people to use the resources they want to use. There could be many incidents that could take place in our homes where one would require home security equipment in order to get away with the trouble that might cause lots of loss. The incidents could be fire, break inns, burglaries etc. There are a number of security equipment that could be installed at home (Mueller, 2005).

As per my experience of practical implication of these security equipment at home for the purpose of saving my home from unpredictable incidents, I have had a positive experience and home is much secured.

Security of Home

There are number of security equipments installed at home such as smoke sensors that help in getting the idea regarding heat and smoke that could be dangerous for the home or might cause fire at home.   The smoke sensor detects the smoldering smoke and makes an alert sound that would alert the people at home. The type of smoke sensor is ionization fire alarm that helps in attempting the alert immediately then other smoke sensors (Mueller, 2005).

Moreover for the purpose of saving home from break inns and burglaries, it is important to make sure that home is secured with the use of camera or motion sensors. There are number of products in the market that can be installed at home for making sure that there are no break inns when you are going out of your home. The equipment for security that has been installed in the home for the safety purpose includes motion sensors, driveway alarm, security cameras and glass break sensors. The use of the glass break sensors is due to the fact that there are two glass walls at the back side of the home. There is a possibility that burglars might break in home from the back side of the home by breaking the glass. The glass sensors could alarm the people inside the home in case there are burglars around the glass or burglars peaking inside the home from the glass (Mueller, 2005).

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