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The CEO takes home a whopping 4,336,000 Sterling pounds per annum. A brand manager is paid between $113,650-126,000 per year. His assistant takes home between $ 97, 702-101,000. A purchasing manager earns between $84,276-105,000. A research scientist gets between $74, 329-80,000 (

Additionally, a cost accountant earns between $49,750-50,000. A business analyst gets $94,681-100,000. A planner within the company is paid between $72,650-78,000, while a trade marketing manager takes home between $ 94,088-99,000.

A stastician in the company earns between $ 66,875-68,000. Retail sales representatives get $38,975, and respiratory sales specialist earns $ 52,000. In addition a manufacturing coordinator gets $60,000 while an HR generalist earns $55,666.

The different regional key accountants earn $84,000 per annum. The manager of drug safety gets between $61,000-80,000, while those who work as EMEA sourcing earn between $94,000-115,000. Finally, a retail priority manager takes home between $93,000-111,000.

These are the possible salaries that employees who hold such positions are paid. They are competitive, as Reckitt Benckiser is a global company, and as such, there are no complaints about the pay form former and even current employees.

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