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Before we delve into why the play cannot be adapted to the film medium it is first important to understand what the play actually is about and what its existence signifies. Romeo and Juliet is a tragic romance whose plot is one that has been told many times before. It follows the story of Both wealthy families have been feuding for years and when the two title characters Romeo and Juliet find each other their forbidden love bring about a chain of events that are beyond their understanding or control.

In the end their deaths act as a tragedy to bring the two warring families together (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 1992). What is incredible about this play is that it is one of the prominent examples of Shakespeare’s dramatic skill. Not only is he able to switch between comedy and tragedy throughout in order to build up the tension and establish the dramatic structure. But also manages to let the minor characters expand their roles over time and also uses several sub plots to move the story forwards. It also shows how many of the characters in the play evolve such as Romeo who becomes more and more skillful at using sonnets.

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