Essay on As you like it and the Renaissance

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Abstract: Shakespeare has portrayed his interest in aging through his famous play, As you like it. His passion in writing is quite evident with his writing skills.

Our lives begin the moment we are taken out from the womb of our mothers’. From that time onwards, life goes on until death strikes; something which is inevitable and takes away from this world another human being. In the period of Renaissance, writers and various authors were interested and fascinated by the concepts of life and death. Shakespeare, an author from this time period enjoyed writing plays and had an interest in aging which became quite prominent in his sonnets and plays. He has approached the theme of aging from a variety of angles. Many of the sonnets written by Shakespeare talk about aging and how one looks when he is in the process of aging and has completely aged. According to Shakespeare, once a person gets older, he/she becomes less attractive. ‘As you Like it’ is a play by him which focuses very much on the theme of aging. This is a comedy which was written by Shakespeare in his later years and is one in which the audience is asked about what type of romance they prefer. The characters which have been made use of in the play too can be divided within 7 ages and each character can be put into one age. These stages however have developed over a period of time and have changed to a great extent (Mabillard).

In the play ‘As you like it’, a character Jacques recites the quote of the world being a stage and the men and women within it simple being players. What many are not aware of is that the following lines after the above mentioned quote are…

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