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According to an essay by Nancy Fischer” Purity and Pollution”, the meaning of morality and sexuality is questioned as the author sheds light on the society’s organizational culture. This essay presents an overview of a society which is caught in a position of having to defend its own “puritanical” nature and position by accusing others of “pollution”. Hence, this essay brought to light several important notions which the society prides itself.

However, these notions project the hypocrisy of the society’s values as what is termed to be fair for men is not for women. Additionally, the higher class members might be indulging in the same activities as the lower class members but such “abhorrent” acts are only excusable in the case of the high class members portraying the narrow-minded vision of the society.

Even in cases where people are convicted by others of being “morally corrupt” represents the society’s sense of superiority which is created by making others inferior. Over time puritanical beings such as Victorian women have been replaced by the innocent children and pollution is represented by the colored or lower class members who engage in such morally dishonest acts.

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