Sample Essay – Dry Bulk Market

The principles of the dry bulk market consist of the supply and demand in the market in the recent years the demand for the shipping operations had been decreasing. The only positive trend in the market pertained to the ROR fleets which pertain to Row-In and Row-Out shipping logistics. However in 2005 an unexpected increase in demand was seen for the bulk dry market which has contributed to 2007. It is predicted that this trend will continue on to the year 2025. The demand and the supply in the dry bulk market is usually not determined by the economic activity taking in the country but by the specific industries concerning coal, agriculture and iron and steel industries. These are the main customers for the dry bulk market and as a result the success of the market depends on the development and increased economic activity in these markets.

The fundamentals of the dry bulk market pertain to the indicators of the performance of the dry bulk market. Some of the fundamentals in terms of current trends and performance of the shipping industry for bulk dry sector has been depicted already. This pertained to the European and the global perspective. As mentioned earlier the fundamentals of the dry bulk shipping have been strong and positive in the last couple of years.

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