Sample Essay

The people in my contact list who can provide me with access to the hidden jobs market include.

Person A who is a professor at my college. The person himself has contacts in the corporate world and as am studying as well as establishing a formal relationship with the person in terms of prospective thesis advisor; this would enable me to enter the hidden job market through his contacts. Person B is a corporate friend of mine who is in the field of media management. The person has continuous interactions with marketing and brand managements and can drop my name when a prospective position is open. Person C is a mentor of mine who is although retired form his teaching but maintains an active relationship with his other students who are in the corporate world. By establishing my relationship with him, I am able to divulge into his contacts as well establishing a position with them. Person D on the other hand is a person who is in my family and runs his own recruitment firm. The person constantly comes in contacts with employers who are seeking people through advertisements as well as those who refrain form advertising and are looking for recommendations. This is a possible medium of entrance for me into the Hidden job market as well. Person E is a corporate person with whom I spent my summer vacation last year on a recreational trip. The relationship that we developed was mutually beneficial, and as the person is also directly involved with the marketing department at his work place, he is ac contact who can provide me with access to the hidden job market

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