Sample Essay – The Pearl Story Arc

The following day, they go to the market to sell the pearl, where they meet Kino’s brother Juan Tomas, who warns them to be aware of conmen. Juana decides to throw the pearl back into the sea, but Kino follows him and beats him senseless. On his way back, Kino meets a group whom he fights, killing one of them. When his wife finds him on the ground, he tries to explain that he had no intention of killing, but she tells him that he will be branded a murderer anyway. They decide to flee, but Kino finds that his canoe is vandalized, and at the same time, their house is torched. Juan Tomás, even though the other villagers believe that they perished in the fire, hides them.

The Pearl Story Arc

The following day, Kino and his family set out to town, but he realizes that three men are tracking him on the way. At nightfall, they camp in a cave, where the three come and camp near them.

He decides to attack the men, but before he strikes his son, Coyotito cries aloud, prompting the men to shoot their rifles in the direction of the cry. He fights them, killing them, but he realizes that the shot has killed his son. The next morning, they depart to go back home, where Kino decides to throw the pearl back into the ocean, much to the onlooker’s astonishment.

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