The development of the Internet

In the late fifties, ideas were created to develop such networks. Later in the late eighties and along with the nineties, these concepts begin to be implemented. In the 1980s technologies that were considered to be the foundation of the internet started expanding all around the world. In the nineties, it was introduced as World Wide Web (WWW) and was later spread all over the world. The technology of internet grew rapidly all around the globe and that created a network of the computer across the world. It begins to spread in the Western countries initially and then later the internet infrastructure started to expand in the developing countries making it easier for everyone to have access to information globally and unprecedented communication. The Internet also altered the world economy, including the financial implications of the bubble. Read the academic paper provided by Essay Demons further to learn more about the topic.

The importance of the Internet

The Internet can be defined as an important global network of computing resources. It is supposed to be a physical compilation of circuits and routers as a set of resources that are mutually linked. The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that is comprised of general standards of interfaces and communication in order to support numerous interesting applications.

The internet application among these which is utilized the most is the World Wide Web. The World has experienced a revolution due to the internet. It seems to be a simple and easy-to-use interface to a compound network of data and computers. The Internet has made it possible to have continuous advancement in technology. It is significant to realize that the internet is the source of bringing an ongoing enhancement in technology.

A collection of a network of computers that are located around the world is known as the internet. In this network, all networks can have an approach to each other without any formal censorship. People across different countries use it for communication, such as email, for instance, is used by people of San Francisco to send emails to their relatives that might be located in some other state. The Internet has made it possible for users to get access to various data, companies can now market their products online and reach customers worldwide, similarly, customers can also order their products at one click. They may then update the information every now and then to ensure that data is current for users all around the world, which is why it is known as World Wide Web (www). The development of the internet can be date back to the times of the development of communication networks; it was initiated with the aim to make communication possible between users of the computer. The Internet has been a technological development and consequently can be defined as the merger of network systems and telecommunications.

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