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In many countries euthanasia is considered as a crime and is punishable by law. It is described as a practice of deliberately putting a terminally ill person to death. The people who suffer from fatal illnesses like cancer and AIDS are more likely to be put to death by a doctor with their consent. In terminal illnesses there is no chance of survival and the person who suffers from it can be going through unbearable pain. The pain becomes so intense that each and every moment seems difficult to live. In this kind of scenario patients usually request their doctors to end their life with a lethal injection that can kill them swiftly so that they can end their suffering. Some religions argue that euthanasia is not an appropriate way of killing a person from a fatal illness. Life is a gift of God and only He is the last authority to end a person’s life. Therefore, euthanasia is illegal and against the rules of God.

Should euthanasia be legalized?

A person suffering from a terminal illness like cancer goes through immense pain and other health-related problems. His immune system is all weak and he has no hope of survival especially if the cancer is in its last stage. Cancer is malignant and it spreads to other parts of the body if it is not diagnosed and treated in its initial stages. Some cancers like lung cancer develop rapidly and spread to other vital organs of the body. It is also very difficult to diagnose this disease in its earlier stage because it does not show any symptoms. When symptoms eventually appear it is already too late in many cases and all doctors can do is to prolong the disease. Prolonging cancer can be even more painful because if chances to survive are grim then there is no use. In such a scenario some patients think that it is best to end the life rather than dying a slow painful death. Such patients request doctors or experts to terminate their life so that they can be at peace forever.

Getting back to religion euthanasia is an illegal practice because life is a gift of God and no one except Him has the authority to end it. But the person who suffers from immense pain due to a terminal illness which has no chances of cure then euthanasia is a fair practice because it ends all the sufferings of an ill person and he can be at peace after a long battle with a disease. God loves human beings and He does not want to see His people suffering and going through immense pain. If a person is healthy and he commits suicide it is indeed wrong because he has a chance to overcome bad circumstances. But if a person is so ill that he is eventually going to die then why not make the process swift in order to put an end to his suffering.

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