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Abstract: this story talks about Roderigo and how his persecution was a great event in 1594. Shakespeare talks about this event in relation to Shylock

The Earl of Essex was an English Nobleman who played a major role in the trials and persecution of Roderigo Lopez, a Jew of Portuguese descent, in 1594. Roderigo was the royal physician for the Queen of England and was accused of trying to poison her. However, this was not true. Roderigo was unable to defend himself once the accusations were brought up. Essex had provided evidence against Roderigo, while he also presided over the trial himself. The evidence he provided stood strongly against Roderigo, leaving little chance for him to be proven innocent. Roderigo was proven guilty and was hanged, drawn and quartered, for all to see in Tyburn, England.

This story Shylock and Roderigo are very similar to each other.  However, Shakespeare had no social or political intentions when he portrayed Shylock’s story. Both the characters were shown in a time period when anti-Semitism was common, and both characters were tried in a court unfairly (Plamer 113).

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