Sample Essay – Loathing of Culture

The loathing of culture implies that, the hipster community will not conform to the majority but rather will follow the flow of their own course. While the mainstream community dutifully respects and follows norms, traditions and cultural practices, hipster community will rather break these rules to satisfy their own thinking (Geifer 1). Hipster community do not appreciate consumerization nor do they embrace those who practice culture ignorance.

The irony is that though they profess this, hipster community practice the same values. The hipster community is very influential in the fighting of suburban living, and carry around a bohemian look, as they avoid the traditional home made American capitalist ideals. Hipster community a progressive for they borrow from trends, move from trend to trend an adopt ideas from the past like Bob Dylan’s haircut or the 1980s vintage clothing. In the end, all the hipster community is worried about is the coolness of their nature and the wittiness or smartness they depict to the society.

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