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In a lot of cases, this also severely limits a student’s social mobility since relocating to a different school often means juggling with an entirely new set of textbooks, each addressing the earlier read concepts in increasingly different terms or touching upon ideas that the earlier textbooks had made no mention of.  Inadvertently, the new set of textbooks that a student will hence find himself or herself burdened with will either be superior to or inferior to the textbooks that they had earlier studied – an equally unwelcome prospect for any student trying to adjust in a new school environment and get used to the teaching methods of his or her new teachers.

Among other things, the failure of our educational system to provide for the combined standardization of the educational curriculum and the educational textbooks hence adopted throughout the country has not only limited the ability of our students to achieve their truest maximum potential, but has also resulted into ever-increasing achievement gaps across grades that continue to negatively effect – and, increasingly so – our global educational standings.

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