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America’s population is one of the most diverse populations with multiple ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Tens of thousands of people from multiple countries migrate to North America from all over the globe in search of a better life.

For the past 3 centuries up until the early part of the 20th century, people from all over Europe migrated to America en mass.

Farmers migrated from UK in the early 19th century in search of a better life. The Irish migrated in mass numbers during the decades of famine. From Germany people migrated to America to escape the peasant life and political victimization in their own country. People from the Nordic countries had become dissatisfied with the confines of religious freedom in their country. Gypsies migrated in search for new lands.

These people had come here to stay and make a better life for themselves in this foreign land. “Most East European peasants traveling to the USA at the turn of the century went there as migrant laborers, not as permanent settlers. Their stay in America was intended to be temporary. Therefore the majority of migrants were young, single men. The majority of East European peasant migrants remained in the USA, extending their stay from one year to the next.
In the late 19th century the migrants from Europe started a new trend. Now they would come to the land of opportunity not to settle down permanently but to earn a living and go back home to start a better life three. This was best demonstrated by the immigrant Italians in the 1870s. They lived as inexpensively as possible, went to the cities and worked there to earn money, and once they had gained enough, they would go back to their home country.

The last straw for the migration to come to a complete halt was the outbreak of war in 1914…

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