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Twenty one individuals participated in the random wait list control group study which lasted for 5 weeks. During this time each individual received three Johrei treatments per week from different practitioners. One individual dropped out during the first treatment phase and three individuals from the waiting control list did the same. There were a total of 13 males and 9 females in the sample. As a preliminary check the participants were asked to complete the Johrei Subject Experiences Scale and Arizona Integrated Outcomes Scale before and after the healing sessions took place.

Following this outcomes were measures using the Global Assessment of Individual Need Quick scale. Recent substance usage was according to individual substances and with all substances in combination. Internal and external behavior markers were analyzed separately and together along with the crime scale. Craving was assessed using the 5-item PENN craving scale. Profile of Mood States was measured as well along with the measurement of the twelve step involvement using General AA Tools of Recovery scale. All primary outcome measures were taken after the intervention was complete at baseline (Brooks, Schwartz, Reece & Nangle, 2006).

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