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Geography has existed since a long long time now. Mankind has always yearned to learn about the various physical features of the earth, how they impact human life, how to benefit from them and why they are the way they are. Had geography not been of interest to man since early times we would never have been able to grasp the extent of knowledge about our planet’s various physical dimensions as we do now. The term geography itself has a Greek origin which means to write or describe Earth.

Physical geography is the branch of geography that essentially deals with the in depth study of the various dimensions associated to features of earth like oceans, volcanoes, climatic changes, formation of land, erosion etc. Another branch of geography namely cultural geography deals with the study of people and cultures, their languages and beliefs etc. They go deep down to determine the idea behind the rituals practiced, dialects spoken, dresses worn and the nature of the constructions done.

Geography is a field rich in information and always offers something to learn whether it be the various weather conditions constantly changing the face of the earth or the new generation changing the age old ancestral traditions and beliefs. Continued innovation in this filed has led to the formation of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which is a system that helps in analysis of data and also mapping.

Geography is a really interesting subject as it helps us in the overall analysis of our planet and its physical aspects and at the same time relates them to the inhabitants of this planet and their lifestyles and mindsets.

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