Sample Essay – Freedom Summer

Evaluate Doug McAdam’s methodology used in this book.

Before discussing the methodology of “Freedom Summer” it is important to first know what the author was trying to accomplish. The author attempts to explain by using the 1964 “Freedom Summer” program how and why individuals get involved in high-risk political situations and how their actions can profoundly affect both their professional and personal lives.

In order to accomplish his goal, the author Doug McAdam obtained the original movement volunteer application forms for the “Freedom Summer” program. He then used them to track down all of the people known to have signed. He then differentiated which of those people attended or passed on the campaign that occurred in Mississippi that summer. Not only did he endeavor to find out the reasons behind their support of the cause. But also how such decisions affected their future lives in terms of politics, jobs, and interpersonal relationships. Additionally, he attempts to debunk the myth that the people born in that time have left behind their eclectic ways and adopted modern conveniences. As well as discussing the important assistance given by the volunteers but is careful not to celebrate their assistance. Many of whom, he found had not adjusted to life in the outside world after the movement ended.

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