Sample Essay

In a deeper tone through imagery, the poet refers to the fish with her deep personal perception as she analyses the fish’s jaw with bottomless imagination further revealing compassion of the fish. This is noted when she describes the fish as “if you could call it a lip” (ibid 50), then further describes the fish lips in a passionate manner as it actually looks as being “grim, wet, weapon- like” (ibid 50-51). This means that, despite the fact that the fish is out of water, it still resembles the good characteristics of the fish.

The passionate nature of the poet is revealed more as Bishop further describes the hooks and lines through personification making them appear to become part of the fish lip. The employment of these literature devices discloses the compassion the poet has for the fish. Through imagery, she describes the fish appendage through simile where she says that they were “like medals with their ribbons frayed and wavering frayed and wavering” (ibid, 61-62). This reveals that the fish is similar to a winner who has been awarded gold and the poet greatly admires the fish.

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