Sample Essay – Colic crying

All babies undergo a fussy period in their early stages of development. However, this problem becomes extreme with some babies crying for about three hours a day (Barker, 2009, p. 49). This is a condition comes at about 3 weeks of age and last for about 6 weeks. It shows a peak period of about 4-6 weeks although this varies in different infants. Long (2004, p. 103), reveals that about 20 percent of babies do cry at this age to an extent that their cry can be described as colic. Colic episodes usually begin at almost the same time of the day with most infants crying more in the evenings. This may last for minutes or hours. The baby may or may not stop crying when they pass stool or gas (Barker, 2009, p. 57). Alternatively, the baby may stop crying when they get exhausted and sleep. This condition is carefully detected by first considering other medical problems such as intussusceptions, hernia, or hair tourniquet. A hair in the eye is also another possible cause that needs to be eliminated. Eliminating all possible cause of the condition is the best start point for intervening the problem.

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