Sample Essay – Catcher in the Rye

If there is one person that Holden despises then it is Ackley. He has a terrible dental hygiene and Holden does not like his company. Holden evens doubts his next-door neighbor’s sexual prowess that he keeps on telling him about. Holden thinks that there is no woman who can stand Ackley. Though he refers to Stradlater as a “secret slob,” he knows that he is self satisfied and handsome. Despite the fact that he is ever well groomed some of his toiletries are very dirty. (Salinger 27) He also refers to him as a sex bastard because of his sexual experience despite the fact that he is a prep school student.

Holden has a very close relationship with her ten-year-old sister who listens and understands him most in spite of their six-year difference. He loves his sister dearly and tells her all his secrets for she is caring. The innocence portrayed by Phoebe is a great source of Holden’s happiness. Sometimes she acts as though she is older than Holden for she questions his maturity sometimes. She understands that Holden is his own worst enemy, so he must change if he wants to prosper in life.

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