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Most of the affluent people lived in the great houses which contained many rooms and several courtyards for use. These houses had their own private wells. Most of the rooms had fireplaces for heating during winter. Every house had two kitchens; an indoor one for use during winter and an outdoor one for use during the hot summer. The outdoor kitchen was also to avoid filling up the house with smoke from the shrub and cow dung used as fuel (Possehl, 2000).

There were also bathrooms for each house including those of the lower class. For those living in the large houses with more than one floor, more bathrooms were built on the upper floors. The bathrooms had shafts to direct water out of the bathrooms into the drainages located outside the houses. The bathrooms were also constructed on the far end of the courtyard for easy drainage into the street sewer (Meadow & Kenoyer, 1999, p.8).

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