Sample Essay

An ad is supposed to be very interesting to the reader or the listener and in this case, one gets the curiosity of knowing what is being introduced in the market. It is very short as it talks about the shape of things to come without elaborating.

This is used to create curiosity to the reader thus giving him or her urge to see it. The fact that it is given a name in “greatness” makes it even more interesting to the consumer for everyone wants to be great. It is as if the consumer is getting a very new brand because it is being referred to in a new name. According to Toulmin all one is supposed to do when thinking about doing an ad is reading the minds of the targeted audience and thus deciphering what they will want to hear. As one reads the Guinness ad, he or she is bound to be interested in knowing “the shape of what is coming.” As the ad is put in the papers, it is not necessary that one reads it in order to understand what it really means (, 2010).

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