Difference between Creative and Technical Writing

There are different types of writers all over the world who fall into two major categories, creative writers, and technical writers. Amazingly, some writers have made millions from both categories while some have not made anything. Both types of writing are completely different and have different approaches. Both of them serve different purposes. Both types have different rules, formats, do’s and don’ts. In this article, we will discuss the difference between creative and technical writing.

Creative Writing

There are a variety of genres in which creative writing may be found. The most important factor in creative writing is a skill. Some people are born with a creative writing gift, and with a little effort and dedication, they may become well-known creative writers who make millions of dollars penning science fiction books and tales. Because they lack the attributes of a creative writer, those who do not have a flair for creative writing may have a difficult time getting their work published.

Suspense may be masterfully written by a creative writer. He or she has mastered the skill of eliciting emotions in readers based on the scenario. By inventing intriguing settings in his stories or books, he keeps his readers riveted to his writing. As a writer, if you don’t have these skills, you won’t be able to be a competent creative writer.

Technical writing is not intended to entertain readers; rather, it is intended to enlighten or educate them. It is more official and has its own set of guidelines, norms, and dos and don’ts. Technical writing may be divided into two types: online technical writing and offline technical writing. Because they encourage readers to buy a certain product, ads for items fall under the category of technical writing.

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