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Eating is one of the life’s greatest pleasures.  There are many foods and many ways to build a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Many foods that we might think of as fattening or additional to our regular diets such as Pasta and mangos fit into that healthy diet and lifestyle.  Many of the items that we commonly consume relate to current recommendations made for Americans, specifically those in the U.S.  Some of the recommendations may differ from those of your countries, but many will apply to people of the world in general because there are many similar nutritional needs.

Nutrient recommendations are set of yardsticks used as standards for measuring healthy peoples energy and nutrient intakes, nutrition experts use them to make nutrient recommendations and to assess nutrient intakes. Individuals may use them to decide how much of a nutrient they need to consume and how much is too much

The standards in use, in the United States and Canada, are the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI).  A committee of qualified nutrition experts from the United States and Canada develops and publishes the DRI. DRI values for the vitamins and most minerals are in place and those for carbohydrates, lipids protein, and water and the minerals sodium and potassium are also provided.

Here I m comparing my daily diet taken by me in a single day with the DRI provided a list. My daily diet and the nutrients calculations are given below.

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