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Writing is part of our daily routine. Whether at school or in the workplace, we carry out the process of writing. However, if we stop and think about it, we would realize that many of us are not aware of what writing actually is! Writing is a written form of communication through which ideas and information are passed from one person/group/business to another. We are taught writing from a very early age; as early as kindergarten and it stays with us till we die!

There are many forms of writing. This essay will talk about creative writing in particular and for what purposes it is used by people.

All writing to an extent can be considered as being creative. This is because every individual person has his/her own views and ideas which he/she writes down. Since every person is different, the views and ideas are certainly going to be unique and creative too. Writing requires people to be able to organize their thoughts and to produce a structured and organized piece of information. It should be something which appeals to the audience it is targeting and it should be interesting enough for people to want to actually read it!

The information written above was a mere general overview of what writing basically is. Now, we will focus more on what creative writing is. Creative writing is a little more specific; it relates to writing poetry, short and fictional stories, drama’s and maybe even non-fiction. it can also be used in the fields of journalism for example and in other fields which require writing.

Creative writing is offered as a course in many schools and universities. The course is designed to teach students the basics of creative writing and to make them understand its function and use. At school, it requires a student to read a lot and they should be aware of various writers who make use of different writing styles. Students studying creative writing should have an interest and passion for writing and it is only through genuine interest and hard work…

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