Many students feel they can get away from being caught doing plagiarism. They feel they are smarter than their teachers. However what they don’t realize is that with such an increase in plagiarism, teachers have become very alert and careful. They make sure all the required measures are taken to find out if a student has submitted his/her own work or simply copy-pasted someone else’s without citing sources. The consequences of plagiarism are dire. So students, be careful!

Read this article and find out the consequences of plagiarism

You fail the assignment

If your teacher catches you doing plagiarism the least bit of punishment you will get is fail that particular assignment. If your teacher is an extremely polite person then there are chances that you get away just by redoing your assignment. A consequence of plagiarism and the most probable one is that you receive from your part are not going to work.

You fail the course a low grade in your course. For e.g. if you were getting a B in the course it will automatically turn into a C. a warning will be given to you and if you are caught guilty of plagiarism again you will definitely get F in that course.

 You get suspended

Getting suspended from school for a period of time is also another consequence of plagiarism that you can face. Different colleges have different rules and regulations, in some colleges, you get suspended the very first time you are caught guilty of plagiarism. Other colleges might give you one or two warnings before suspending you. Although you can return to college after your suspension period ends but the suspension will go on your record and cause you trouble when you seek admission in universities.

You get expelled

One of the direct consequences of plagiarism is that you get expelled from college for good. Collages usually do not resort to this the first time a student is caught guilty of plagiarism but if the student keeps doing plagiarism the college has no option but to expel him/her.

You lose your degree

The most horrible consequence of plagiarism is that you lose your degree. Again, this will not happen the first time you are caught guilty but if you don’t mend your ways you might end up without a degree.

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