Sample Community Arguments Essay

7 works cited

Length: 990 words

Anyone can develop any form of argument whenever they please. These arguments can be examined by looking at the communities in which these arguments are constructed. Looking at arguments in terms of the context, arguments are analyzed with reference to the audience to whom it is being directed toward. It could even by analyzed by looking at the community or sphere in which this argument occurs (McKerrow). Examining professional sporting events, I will discuss the audience toward which the argument is dedicated toward and make use of the community in order to explain the context in which this argument is occurring. Being more specific, I am going to be analyzing an NFL game.

In order to understand an argument properly, the community itself must be defined and understood. Behavior in communities is governed by various rules and regulations, social practices which determine how a person speaks to another and in what authority, and by displaying each of these rules and how they respond to challenges which they face from the rest of the environment around them (McKerrow)

The rules which direct behavior and argumentative behavior in particular constitute the primary part of a community…

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