Sample Cigarette Smoking Paper

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The results of the study indicate that of the total population surveyed, 36 percent (41.3 percent males and 26.7 percent females) were addicted to cigarette smoking.  The median age for smokers was 24.0 +2.9 years. Utilizing the Mann-Whitney U-test, the researchers found that males smoked significantly higher numbers of cigarettes per day than females.  Upon final analysis of the data the researchers do note that there are a number of intrinsic variables that cannot be accounted for when considering the prevalence of smoking among university students:

Studies relevant to smoking addiction in the young population showed that social status, income, and educational levels, as well as age and gender, play an important role in smoking attitudes (p. 400).

The article concludes by considering the research findings within the context of alcohol addiction. According to the authors, similar research findings in other studies have shown that smoking additions closely correlate to alcohol addictions; suggesting that there is some inherent component in addition, whether it is to tobacco or alcohol.  Finally, the authors are able to demonstrate that students in the study that derived most of their income from their parents were more likely to smoke simply because they could afford to do so.  Individuals that were responsible for their own incomes had lower tobacco usage rates.  This suggests that income plays a significant role in the development of smoking behaviors.

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