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What is the biggest risk faces on a regular basis?

On regular bases, Jet10 Blue Airline is facing several risks including deregulation and new regulation, aircrew supply and demand, noise footprint management, and international terrorism. These issues, as well as day to day business challenges, present many risks which, if not properly managed, can have profound consequences, for example:

  • Physical risks to aircraft (fixed wing and rotary)
  • Personal risks to pilots, crew, and passengers
  • Ground risks such as health & safety, passenger and baggage security screening, Property damage to buildings and aircraft, service continuity and environmental protection of airport surrounds
  • Operating risks include food quality management, aircraft air-worthiness and documentation management, security, navigational aid reliability & calibration, industrial relations, aircrew certification, airport infrastructure reliability, fuel quality management and engineering reliability
  • Business risks such as liability, securing international landing rights, competition, fluctuations in currency and fuel costs, contract management, compliance and renewal of regulatory consents and dependency on information technology platforms for scheduling, safety verification and reservations.

How they respond to it? How could they respond better?

In my opinion following are the ways to respond better and manage the risks:

  • Monitoring the operations and cabin and cockpit air quality
  • A specific national standard for checking and monitoring the engine seals and air quality in all passenger commercial jet aircraft
  • Maintenance procedures (including specific maintenance procedures for ageing aircraft)

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