Sample Brand Development Essay

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Branding is a long-term procedure that is commonly confused with corporate identity and with name admiration. Flourishing organizations spend years developing and maintaining their brands. Whether the company is Coca-Cola or a community health system, the principles are identical.

Brand development and branding can be visualized as the growth of moving your organization up the following hierarchy. Building on mission and business approach, the brand architecture is distinctive. On brand, architecture is built brand strategy and brand expressions how the company’s services, products, and communications show and articulate the core of the brand.

As important as advertising and public relations are to a flourishing corporate branding program, they are not the only commanding communications tools a company has at its disposal. Exclusive among all elements of corporate branding is the employee strength. Employees are a channel of communications, a target audience, and part of the company message itself. Employees can make or break the commercial brand.

Brand Development Essay

Launching brand and line extensions have become an admired growth strategy, predominantly in mature fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories. With the enormous costs and risks involved in launching new brands, many of which fail, extending an offered brand is seen by many as a more cost-effective and lower risk method of launching new products.

It follows that if brand considerations are dominant, the progression will be led by the marketing function. Brand development is key apprehension to brand and category managers and it is who leads R&D in the development process. In this way, the process is one of brand development as contrasting to product development. It seems that implicitly at least, managers are distinguished and seeking to benefit from the reciprocal relationship between brand impartiality and extensions.

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