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Another benefit of having the gas motor is it charges the batteries while it’s running. Unlike all-electric cars, hybrids do not require to be plugged in to recharge the battery. The battery recovers and stores energy usually lost as heat during braking, using a process called regenerative braking. Many an electric car owner has been stranded just out of cord range of an outlet. Hybrid owners can forget about this annoyance; the gas motor starts automatically when the battery gets low and proceeds to charge the battery. A hybrid never needs to be plugged into an outlet.

It also gets power from the gas engine. In addition, the extra power the electric motor provides gasoline engines in hybrids can be built smaller reducing the engine’s weight further increasing fuel efficiency. Hybrids are the most gasoline efficient of all cars; they normally get 48 to 60 mpg. Toyota Company’s Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car (Schreffler 20), though the Insight has led the annual fuel-efficiency rankings since it was produced in 1999, according to Honda. (“Hybrid Cars” 12)

This year, the buyers of hybrid cars will not only save money on gas, but they may also see some other monetary benefits. Many companies have been tempting their employees into saving fuel by carpooling benefits and public transportation subsidies. Now, some employers are providing motivation for their employees to purchase high-mileage hybrid cars. (“Hybrid Benefits”5)

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