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Queries that cover the beginning, meaning and changes of distinctively human aspects impel anthropologists into the farthest places of the world, and even into our own environs. The variations and resemblance between people disclose the numerous ways that humans react to their social and natural surroundings. An anthropologist is concerned with these reactions, not just for their uniqueness, but also most significantly as a method to appreciate what bonds, segregates, what makes them happy, and informs people, and how they respond to life’s most weighty and most ordinary questions.

Anthropology is all about the lives of human society. It is holistic in two ways: it is about all humans at all times, and with all aspects of human culture. A core of anthropology is the idea of culture, and the notion that human nature is culture; that our race has developed a general capability to know the world symbolically, this symbolic knowledge is to teach and learn such symbols as a whole and to change the world and ourselves learning from such symbols.

Cultural anthropology is also, called socio-cultural anthropology, it is one of four generally identified fields of anthropology, the holistic study of humanity. Holistic approach of viewing things is taking things as a whole which gives significant meaning an entity

It is partly a reaction against prior Western debates based on contrasting relationship between “culture” and “nature,” according to which some people lived in a “state of nature.” Anthropologists contend that culture is “human nature,” and that all people have an ability to classify their encounters in life, codify these differentiations through symbolic use of language or gestures, and teach such thoughts to others.

When you look at society and its different facets you start questioning how it has evolved and what factors are influencing the people and their relationships and what is how much of this surrounding and development is impacting them.

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