Sample Alcohol Essay

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Alcohol is a substance which can have severe negative effects on the human body physically and mentally. It is a drug which affects a person’s nervous system and can damage it to an extent that it becomes irreparable. Alcohol is generally found in 3 common varieties. These include beer, spirits, and wine. Alcohol is a substance which is very widely used in America and is said to have effects greater than most illegal drugs.

Alcohol certainly has myths surrounding it which makes it difficult for people, particularly teenagers to judge what is right and wrong as far as alcohol is concerned. When making the decision of consuming alcohol, a person must keep in mind the amount he/she is drinking as this will determine the effects alcohol will have. People assume that every individual who drinks alcohol will have the same effects, the most common ones involving sexual as well as social situations. Every individual uses alcohol in a variety of ways and thus, the effect of alcohol will vary from person to person.

It is also widely believed that alcohol has led to an increase in crime along with social and educational issues within society. This is not always true as only after a certain level of alcohol does a person resort to such activities. Having had a glass of wine will not necessarily make a person commit a felony.

It is, however, true that the lives of people who drink and those who do not drink vary to a great extent. Apart from the very obvious effects alcohol has, there are some emotional effects too which people might experience when consuming alcohol. Some of the most common ones include…

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