Sample Aids Vaccine Essay

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In the article, “AIDS vaccine trial deemed a flop” recently in the Chicago Tribune discussed that there was a failed vaccine found for the AIDS virus.  However, there is still hope to find a true cure for this deadly disease that the immune system cannot fight it off.  People cannot just get AIDS but they can contract the HIV virus, which will lead to the deadly disease.  As a person has the HIV virus, their immune system breaks down over a period of time and this period may be over ten years or longer.  In the human body, a person carries many germs such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses. When the immune system is working, it controls these germs. But, when the immune system is weakened by HIV disease or by some medications, these germs can get out of control and cause health problems. Infections that take advantage of a weakness in the immune defenses are called opportunistic.  People who are not HIV-infected can develop OIs if their immune systems are damaged. For example, many drugs utilized to treat cancer suppress the immune system. Some people who have cancer treatments can develop OIs. HIV weakens the immune system so that opportunistic infections can develop. If people who are HIV-infected and develop opportunistic infections, they might have AIDS.  Even though there have been attempts at getting a vaccine for the AIDS virus, they have not been very successful such as the latest one.  On the other hand, these attempts bring people one-step closer to an actual cure and bring hope to a healthy future. It is apparent as long as doctors and scientists keep looking for a cure for the AIDS virus, people can look forward to a bright future despite the failed attempts to finding the right vaccine.

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