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New video games reward players for killing blameless onlookers and law enforcement, using an extensive variety of arms including guns, knives, swords, hands, and feet. Some contain cutscenes. In some, the player takes on the role of hero, while in others the player is an offender.

But the reality is that some kids are particularly susceptible to introduction to violent video games because of characteristics already latent in them. This highly susceptible group contains young children, who are tyrants, sufferers, or both, and children with troubles in behavioral control. It has been anticipated that these groups are particularly susceptible to the distraction of ethical growth and proper actions.

Although a constant relationship between contact to aggressive video games and augmented violence is emerging. (Anderson and Bushman 353) the exact character of the association between violent video games and violence is yet to be found. Some maintain that research can by no means establish that exposure to video games cause unconstructive social and behavioral results.

Much more research is required to know children’s contacts with aggressive video games. Children’s reaction to particularly convincing virtual reality games has not been thoroughly studied, even though it is possible that improved realism will intensify influence. New games with several people involved over the Internet are progressively becoming more popular, and the effect of this new entertainment is basically not known.

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