Write a Current Events Essay

Writing a stellar current events essay requires a strategic approach, from selecting the right topic to efficiently conducting research and creating a well-organized outline. In this guide, we’ll break down the essential steps to help you navigate the process successfully.

Choosing a Relevant Topic:

Selecting a compelling topic is crucial for a captivating current events essay. Whether your assignment provides specific instructions or grants flexibility, consider the following factors before narrowing down your choices:

  1. Time Constraints: Determine if there are any restrictions on the timeframe. Does the event need to be recent, or can it extend to the past few years?
  2. Industry or Genre: Identify if your topic should relate to a specific industry or genre, such as politics, sports, or business.
  3. Analytical Components: Understand whether your essay should be purely descriptive or include analytical components.

Researching Efficiently:

Efficient research is key to a successful current events essay. Follow these steps to tackle the process with confidence:

  1. Know Your Source Requirements: Understand the types of sources allowed for your essay. Some professors may accept business or media articles, while others insist on scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.
  2. Choose Credible Sources: Select reputable sources based on your assignment instructions. Examples include The Harvard Business Review, CNN, Forbes, Investopedia, and TIME magazine.
  3. Distinguish Between Primary and Secondary Sources: Be aware of the difference between primary and secondary sources, and use them appropriately in your research.

Discerning Primary from Secondary Sources:

Understand the distinction between primary and secondary sources to use them effectively in your research:

  • Primary Sources: Original documents, data, or artifacts directly related to the event.
  • Secondary Sources: Interpretations or analyses of primary sources.

Organizing Your Research:

Stay organized during the research phase by following these methods:

  1. Use Organizing Tools: Employ highlighters, color-coding, or separate documents to organize your research based on the What, Where, When, Who, Why, and How aspects of your topic.
  2. Create an Outline: Develop a structured outline with clear subheadings, mirroring the What, Where, When, Who, Why, and How subtopics.

Writing Your Essay:

With a well-organized outline, transition smoothly into the writing phase:

  1. Copy-Paste Your Outline: Transfer your outline into a new document, preserving the original for reference.
  2. Start Writing: Begin writing according to your outline, erasing subheadings and prompts as you incorporate them into your essay.
  3. Write a Summary Introduction: Begin with a brief overview of the entire current event, keeping it concise and revising later.
  4. Follow Your Outline: Progress through the body of your essay using the subheadings from your outline. Connect paragraphs with cohesive phrases.
  5. Write a Conclusion: Summarize the key points of your essay in the conclusion, reiterating important findings.

Keys to Successful Proofreading:

After completing your initial draft, proofread effectively using these steps:

  1. Edit for Flow: Enhance the flow and sentence structure of your essay.
  2. Proofread for Errors: Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  3. Verify Citations: Ensure all sources are cited correctly, adhering to the specified citation format.

Ask for Help When Needed:

Seeking assistance is encouraged, and high-quality essay writing services can provide valuable support. When choosing a service:

  • Read Reviews: Gauge the reputation of the essay writing service.
  • Request Examples: Ask for samples to assess the quality of writing and editing.
  • Check Service Offerings: Ensure the service covers outlining, researching, editing, and writing.
  • Avoid Free Services: Steer clear of free services, as they may involve plagiarism.
  • Direct Communication: Choose a service that allows direct communication with your writer.

By following these steps and seeking assistance when needed, you can confidently craft an outstanding current events essay that meets high academic standards.