Academic writing services provided by have assisted thousands of students not only in the U.S, but across the world. 24-hour service that we offer has met countless deadlines and our sole aim is to help you thrive in all your educational activities related to writing essays, term papers, dissertations, research papers and book reports and reach your potential. Experience the difference we offer by letting us, as professionals; take care of your academic needs. Here is a list of certain questions that might arise in your mind:

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[citem title=”Are There Any Reasons Why I Should Choose You?” id=”citem_22″ parent=”collapse_91″]
YES! We make sure that we satisfy all the requirements of every single customer. We do not simply wish to make money out of you and guarantee original work. Each and every term paper is written by expert writers who are highly qualified and hold at least Bachelor’s degree and bear in mind the academic level of the client and assure the delivery of the highest possible quality at the time when you need it.
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The researchers at Essay Demon are holders of at least a Bachelors or Master’s degree. All of our writers receive training and get screened before they are hired. After research and writing every paper is edited by the Chief Editor with regards to the level of work whether high school, undergraduate or graduate level researches.
[citem title=”Do You Guarantee Grades?” id=”citem_48″ parent=”collapse_91″]
No. All that we do is present model term papers and research work which is only to be used as an example. If you wish to submit it, you would have to cite our paper or else it would be considered as plagiarized material.

Please note that we do not guarantee that the pre-written orders will match your original essay writing specifications. There can be differences here and there. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you place a fresh custom order so that we can provide you the essay matching your desired specifications.
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We have the capability to do all types and all level of projects from grade level work to PHD Thesis. From simple essays to research papers and term projects as well as module research work, we present quality research that is second to none.
[citem title=”Can I Get A Refund Or Cancellation?” id=”citem_91″ parent=”collapse_91″]
We cannot refund money once you have made the payment; but what we can do is provide a free of cost revision if the paper does not meet your initial specifications.
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Every paper of ours contains an average of about 250 words a page, double-spaced and are written in a Times New Roman 12pt font with margins of 1 inch. A word-count is run on our papers to guarantee you 250 words per page. For example, a 10 page paper will contain at least 2,500 words minimum excluding the references.
[citem title=”Do you Guarantee Confidentiality?” id=”citem_51″ parent=”collapse_91″]
Customer satisfaction and confidentiality are one of the top most priorities of We dispose off your completed orders after 2-weeks of delivery to ensure no one else can have an illegal access to your academic credentials and personal information such as your contact id.
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Since the inception of, we have never compromised on originality. All your orders related to writing term papers, essays and book reports are thoroughly proofread by our professional editors to ensure originality. To make your academic assignments plagiarism free we use high quality software to ensure not even a single word or sentence is plagiarized after your order is completed.
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Once our writer completes your order our QAD department checks it for quality. Once we assure that your paper is written according to the instructions you provided, we email it to you via the internet on MS-Word format on your contact id. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper you can have as many revisions free of any extra charges until you are satisfied.


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