Kantism and Utilitarianist Approach

Kantism and Utilitarianist Approach

Compare and Contrast Paper

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Kantianism purports to make moral worth depend on conditions that can be satisfied by choice, and in so far as it succeeds, it offers solace to those whose natures through no faults of theirs are not, as Hume might say, sweet and gentle and good.  Kantianism would be both repulsive and no solace if it made good natures barriers to moral worth. But, contrary to implications of what Beck and other translators and interpreters have taken to be ‘the first proposition of morality, Kantianism maintains merely that good natures are not necessary to moral worth. (In Chapter IV of Sobel 2002e) (more…)

Vision of Great America  By Grant & Lee

Vision of Great America By Grant & Lee

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America was a land that was beginning all over again, dedicated to nothing much more complicated than the rather hazy belief that all men had equal rights and should have an equal chance in the world.  In such a land Lee stood for the feeling that it was somehow of advantage to human society to have a pronounced inequality in the social structure. (more…)