Motivation and Performance- Article Reviews

Article Review

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The two articles, Work Motivation:  The incorporation of self-concept based processes. By Leonard et al. (1999) and Self-set goals and self-efficacy as mediators of incentives and personality. By Locke (2001) are both theoretical papers, addressing the human factor or the human personality and how it is a significant element in motivation. Both works provide theoretical groundwork on which theory can be based. However, Leonard et al (1999) the concept is much broader, as for Locke has concentrated his work on the motivation Hub Model. He is concerned with the personality of the worker as a determinant for motivation and Leonard, on the other hand, provides a “Meta” theory of work motivation incorporating the self-concept. Both are significant because they add to the knowledge regarding the importance of the human character when making a decision about the motivational techniques. (more…)