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The article by Turkle is very interesting and the MUD is a sort of virtual existence for people involved in it. As the college graduate in Chicago who is not happy in real life is very satisfied with his virtual life and job and friends. To me, this virtual existence is nothing more than an escape from reality and running away from the problems that we face in our daily existence. Ignoring or turning away from one’s problem by trying to hide in a life which is literally not there is more like turning one’s back to the real world. (more…)



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Approximately 20 % of US children under the age of six live in poverty, the highest rate of all developed countries. (Child Poverty and Family Income) The 1990s ushered in the first generation of young adults to bear the imprint of major turmoil in America’s fundamental institutions the family, economy, and government. An extraordinary number of youth grew up during the 1970s and 1980s with single moms, absent fathers, and increasingly complicated and often momentary living arrangements. (more…)

The impact of Playing Video Games on Adolescent Boys

The impact of Playing Video Games on Adolescent Boys

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Recent acts of intense violence involving teens and associated links to violent video games have led to an amplified interest in video game violence. Researchers recommend that violent video games influence hostile behavior, aggressive affect, aggressive cognition, and physiological stimulation. Since the late 1970s, one of the favorite leisure activities of adolescents has been playing video games (i.e., interactive games run on computers or video games consoles; (Cesarone, B. (1998). (more…)

The impact of Playing Video Games on Adolescent Boys

Transfer Pricing

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Transfer pricing is the pricing of intercompany transactions that take place between associated businesses. The transfer pricing procedure establishes the amount of income that each party makes from that transaction. Taxpayers and the taxing authorities center solely on related-party transactions, which are termed controlled transactions, and have no direct impact on sovereign party transactions, which are termed uncontrolled transactions. Transactions, in this context, are determined generally, and include sales, licensing, leasing, services, and interest. (more…)