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Youth sports are a very important part of nurturing and development of children’s character and behavior. As the needs of youth sports participation become increasingly complicated and competitive, the role of sports parents and their influence has also evolved over time. On one hand, the role of parents cannot be ignored. They provide the all necessary support and backing in different ways; like transportation of players to financial support and investing in equipment. Parents also form the major spectators in these competitive games (Baxter-Jones & Maffuli, 2003Hoefer et al., 2001). As a result, parents are essential for youth sport programs (Hoyle & Leff, 1997). Parents provide unreserved emotional support, which is necessary for children’s enjoyment of any sporting activity. In addition what has been repeatedly observed is their positive influence and support in youth sports can improve motivation levels of young participants and improve their motivation, self-esteem, and perception of their own ability (Bois, et al., 2005). According to Brustad, (1993) youth sport is regarded as one of the essential activities in child development. Moreover, recent studies indicate that it also contributes to character building and positive behavior. At the same time what is most disturbing is that youth sports are one area where parental conflict and negative behavior can lead to academic, health and psychosocial issues(Grinch and Fineham, 1990). This paper takes a look at youth sports with reference to parental behavior and contends that in fact, this negative behavior is detrimental to the child’s participation and other problems that might develop.

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