A term paper describing the role of family, teachers, and others in the development of youth.

1,200 Words (Approx. 4.8 Pages), 4 Sources, APA, 2008.


This term paper discusses the role of family and teachers in youth development. The life in youth is quite complicated as youngsters are in the process of transforming mentally from a youngster to an adult. They go through physical, emotional and biological changes during this period and are in need of strong support from those who care.

From the Term Paper

Youth is a journey from a young age to adulthood where a person is capable of making decisions independently and acquires other important skills to survive in the world (Carney, 2010). If this period of transformation from youth to adulthood is neglected by family members, teachers and other supporters a person may grow up as an insecure, unconfident and immature individual which in result can affect his/her whole life.

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