How is Young Women’s Romantic Attachment Style Influenced by Their Own Parent’s Divorce?

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Divorce is a part of our culture that has become very common in recent times. Especially as women have started to become more and more a part of the workforce and now only a fraction of women act as homemakers giving all their time to home and children. Moreover, as the independence of women grew so did the number of divorces nationwide. Over the past four decades, there has been a substantial change in the feelings toward marriage among women in the United States. These outlooks relate to sexual roles and societal transformations in today’s culture has been a contributing factor to women marrying later than their relatives married.

However the phenomenon of divorce was not just between the conflicting spouses, it was an act which had very far-reaching and negative impact on the lives of the children who went through their parent’s divorce. Societies continuous recognition makes divorce more optional and therefore the pledge of marriage is secondary. In an attempt to limit divorce, while society freely accepts the break-up of vows, it gives children a distorted viewpoint on the bond of marriage. Children of divorces provide information to show the influence of divorce. Recent polls have provided correlations between an increase in the divorce rate with increases in teen pregnancy, unmarried living, and juvenile felony.

This paper looks at the impact of parental divorce on the romantic lives of their daughters, and how their adult relationships are affected due to their parent’s conflict and eventually divorce.

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