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This is an article by Joyce Carol Oates. In the article, she reflects on her lecture tour of Europe where again and again she was asked the same recurring question from Warsaw to Helsinki and from Budapest to West Berlin the questions centered around one subject only ”Why do you focus on the violent?”  Oates ponders the notion that why was she asked such a question everywhere, in Poland for example the people had witnessed so much violence and death by the Polish resistance and the question asked are asked with traces of reproach which was very painful and ironical and amusing to a certain degree also that she was left looking for appropriate answers. In the case on of West Berlin, the question came with an insightful thought that there was so much violence in her work because she lived in Detroit Michigan famous for violence!

Others thought that the violence was due to a deprived or unhappy childhood, which leads her to write in such a way. She reflects that if the writer or the artists do not come within the given norms set by the society then people think there is something missing or the writer has gone through something to write in such a way. Moreover, if the story is not heartening or light and has dark overtones then people start feeling sorry for the writer. It is true for both male and female writers but in her opinion, it is more applicable for the female writer since the mere thought of her thinking and writing is a violation of the so-called glass wall.

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