Three paragraph essays are part of high school and college where the main purpose is to teach students to learn to organize and structure essays. Once students become proficient in writing these types of essays they can move on to write lengthier and more complicated essays. Essays have three important components such as an introduction, main body, and the conclusion. Students learn to write essays following these three components. Once students become accustomed to writing three paragraph essays, they can begin to write five paragraph essays. This article is a guide to writing three paragraph essays. Read some simple tips below to learn to write three paragraph essays.

Think of the Structure

Begin with visualizing the basic structure of an essay i.e., the introduction which consists of brief background information on the topic and thesis statement, secondly, the main body where you provide arguments along with logical facts and figures and lastly a conclusion where you provide personal opinions and possible suggestions. Dividing the essay into these three parts makes it easier to follow the essay writing pattern.

Choose a Topic

Once you have visualized an essay in three parts choose a topic. Make sure the topic you choose has enough information so that you can do research and find facts about it easily and at the same time interesting for you to write.

Make an Outline

Make an outline to have a chronological approach towards writing the essay. Use Roman numerals to identify elements of the outline. For instance, use (i) for introduction, (ii) for the body and (iii) for the conclusion.

Start Writing

Now start writing the essay following your outline. Begin with the introduction. Provide brief background information about the topic or state the key points. Then write the thesis statement which serves as the purpose of your essay. Now write the main body, the Roman numeral (ii) in the outline. Provide logical arguments along with facts and figures as evidence to prove or disprove your point. Avoid providing irrelevant details. Make sure your language is direct and straightforward. Lastly, write the conclusion to wrap up your essay. Provide convincing suggestion to the problem and some personal perspectives and restate the thesis at the end to remind the readers about the main focus of the essay.

Follow this three paragraph structure for writing essays initially. Once you have a good command of the structure and organization of the essay move on to write five paragraph essays.

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