Writing the Conclusion of an Essay

Among other components of an essay such as the introduction and the main body, conclusion holds vital importance as well. The conclusion of an essay is written after writing the introduction and the main body of an essay. A well-written conclusion leaves the last impression on the readers. The quality of an essay is determined by a strong conclusion. If the conclusion is weak without the elements of strong personal views and suggestions the reader may feel he/she has wasted time reading the essay. This article provides some useful tips to write the conclusion of an essay. Read below to learn to write an essay conclusion.


Once you have completed writing the essay just recall what you have written. In other words, sum up the thoughts about your essay. Identify some of the key points and summarize them in just one or two sentences. Avoid providing lengthy details as it can make your essay appear irrelevant and repetitive.

Provide Suggestions

Conclude your essay with possible suggestions or solutions to the problem posed by the main question. You can also write a comment depending on the type of essay you are writing. Do not exaggerate anything and make sure you accomplish this in two to three sentences at the most.

Write the Thesis Statement

Reword the thesis statement from the introduction. It is usually written in the first or second sentence of the introduction. The thesis statement helps to remind the readers about the main focus of your essay.

The conclusion of an essay must be very brief, direct and to the point. Keep the suggestions and personal opinions short and to the point. Make sure the conclusion is one paragraph long. Avoid writing ‘in conclusion’ or ‘concluding’ when writing the conclusion.

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