Accounting is one of the most important subjects when pursuing a degree in business or chartered accountancy. Accounting comprises of maintaining cash flows and bookkeeping of the expenditures of a particular organization as to track the expenses. It helps financial managers to evaluate the sales, profits, and revenues of the organization based on which they make decisions related to financial aspects. Accounting can be a tricky subject to study as it consists of complications. It does not allow one to make mistakes as one single mistake can change the conclusion of calculations performed. During bachelor’s or master’s degree accounting can be a specific subject that you can decide to pursue. Writing a research paper on accounting is similar to writing other types of research papers with minute differences here and other and that too according to the specified writing format. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful guidelines to write a research paper in accounting.

Selecting an Accounting Topic

There are a number of topics that you write an accounting research paper on. But before you select a topic to evaluate your interests. Try to select a topic that is interesting and informative at the same time. Your accounting topic can be in financial accounting, shares and stock markets, or managerial accounting. For best ideas, you can view newspaper regularly where……..

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