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The literature review is one of the most important elements in any dissertation and often one of the most intimidating. Depending upon the topic that is selected there may be only a single, well-defined field of research or a number of broad, loosely related fields that must be examined. In addition to the simple amount of work involved in researching and writing a literature review (which is likely to be the longest chapter in one’s dissertation), there is also the question of how to balance one’s own work against that of others. This paper explores the challenges of writing a literature review for a dissertation and closes with a template for the writing of the entire dissertation.

We begin by examining the practical challenges of writing a literature review. By the time that a student has arrived at the point of writing a dissertation he or she probably has some general idea of where to start such a review – possibly in the book or journal article that introduced the student to the idea, to begin with. However, if the student is truly lost, then he or she should take full advantage of the expertise of the faculty to gather their suggestions on key works to read on the topic.

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